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Data Summary
Size First Row Last Row
41 Animal: Lion, Gold, 8 Alphabet: Z
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Data Details
Animal: Lion, Gold, 8
Animal: Pig, Pink, 3
Animal: Robin, Red, 7
Animal: Cat, Black, 10
Animal: Kitty, Calico, 1
Animal: Dog, Brown, 14
Cupcakes: Red Velvet, Red, 4
Cupcakes: Orange, Orange, 5
Cupcakes: Lemon, Yellow, 6
Cupcakes: Apple, Green, 7
Cupcakes: Blueberry, Blue, 8
Cupcakes: Blackberry, Purple, 9
Cupcakes: Strawberry, Pink, 10
Cupcakes: Vanilla, Tan, 11
Cupcakes: Chocolate, Brown, 12
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Alphabet: B
Alphabet: C
Alphabet: D
Alphabet: E
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